Download Play Store Free

If you own an Android device like smartphone or a tablet you will probably have Google Play Store already pre installed in your device. Usually Android OS is sold with some applications inbuilt. These include Google Play Store which is the marketplace to find Android apps of different categories.

download play store

Though there are other Android app marketplaces as well, you will surely love the Google Play Store that is the perfect source for different apps and is a reliable platform. With Google Play store download you can perform the following functions:

  • Search for apps of different categories.
  • Link your other Google accounts to Google Play Store.
  • Set up a secure account for payment.
  • Download paid or free apps from the store.
  • Get updates for downloaded apps from the store.

These are some of the several functions you can perform when you have Google Play Store on your phone or tablet. There might be instances when you might have uninstalled the app by mistake or Continue reading

Play Store Download for ChromeBook

ChromeBook is the new range of laptops that Google has introduced. At the time ChromeBook was introduced it was considered a novelty, not having the usual files, folders and programs that we are used to in a Mac or Windows based laptop. It was introduced as a simplified interface that focuses on a web browsing experience. With all apps and tools available on the cloud and the web browser being the main functional feature of such laptops, they are made for use with the internet.

Play Store for ChromeBook

ChromeBook is popular among students and casual users. With the growing dependence on the internet for most work and functions that people do on a laptop, launch of ChromeBook OS inbuilt laptops was a way of capturing a changing trend by Google. With laptops being priced affordably that work with ChromeBook OS, it has Continue reading

Play Store Download for KitKat

There is no denying that millions of people today are dependent on Google Play Store. It is home to several applications that are both paid and free. The developers have the flexibility of publishing their games and apps and also necessary updates can be provided through Play Store. Besides, providing solutions to problems and promoting products as well as services are some of the other options made available for developers on Play Store.

play store for kitkat

Considering the flexibility, there are innumerable developers using it so as to introduce more and more games and apps. It does not really matter which Smartphone on Android you are using as Play Store can be installed easily on any Android phone. Some of the examples include Sony, Samsung, HTC, Nexus, Lenovo, Oppo, Gionee and more. All you need is the latest version of Play Store APK to get going.

Google Play Store is indeed the one stop solution when it comes to downloading official apps on all Android smart phones. In addition to downloading new apps, users can also get the newest updates of every app that you install on your devices like Google App, Google Play Services and more.

The updated version of the most required app for Android is the Google Play Store for KitKat APK, which adds to the class and luxury to your device. The Play Store app keeps updating latest Continue reading

Play Store Download for YouWave

Most of us find the apps that we need in Google Play Store. It is a versatile marketplace that offers Android apps for download. With Android OS is the popular operating system that fires most smart phones and tablets, there is little surprise that Android apps are the most sought after apps across the world. Google Play Store has been the first marketplace formed by Google that offered Android apps developed by Google and other developers across the world. The Android OS is an open source platform that allows apps to be developed by developers of different firms and even as individuals. They can then post these apps for download and usage, either free of cost or as paid apps.

youwave download for play store

Google Play Store forms the platform where all such apps can be posted and made available to the user. Though other Android app based marketplaces do exist, Play Store has gained a reputation in the market for the following reasons:

  • Every developer who uploads apps through this platform need to get their works verified by Google.
  • Only when apps are certified and tested to be legitimate are they released or made available for download.
  • Google Play allows users to try apps and post reviews about them so that future users know what to expect from an app.

Hence, if you wish to have a reliable platform where most Android apps are easily found, Play Store is the right option. However, this play store is an Android app by itself. Hence, without an Android OS you cannot download the use the same. This is particularly an obstacle when you wish to use it on a Windows based laptop or computer.

That is when software like YouWave comes into the picture. It is an emulator program that creates the right environment for Android apps to run on a computer or laptop which has a different OS. Before there were other Continue reading

Play Store Download for Ubuntu

Ubuntu has been creating waves since its introduction. Being a versatile and open source operating system, it is one step ahead of what Google invented with Android. Ubuntu offers an open source operating system that can work with laptops and mobile devices simultaneously. The term is an interesting one as it is derived from the South African word that stands for humanity and compassion.


Hence, the software works towards eliminating discrepancies that exist between different devices and hinders flow of data and connectivity. With Ubuntu as an independent operating system that operates from a cloud, one can create an environment of seamless connectivity and smooth operations of apps on different devices.

Features of this operating system software are numerous such as:

  • It can be used to run enterprise wide systems that can support school systems or office environment.
  • Essential applications like productivity software, email, media apps, and browsers can run on this operating system which also come pre installed.
  • The software central loads several applications and games from before in this versatile software suite.
  • It is software that is free to download, share, and use. With voluntary developers the open source platform is offered to anyone who wishes to use it.
  • There are inbuilt virus protection and firewall features. It is a secure operating system to use.

With the above features this open source operating system promises endless possibilities to all who need not spend to get an operating system for their computer. It can work on touch screens, desktops and laptops. The resolutions are great even on high resolution screens and on touch screen interfaces. The software is offered by Continue reading

Play Store Download for iPhone

Some of you using the iPhone may not be satisfied with the iOS system in the apple store and you will be looking forward to get the android operating system on your iPhone. You will be able to get access to play store with the help of this operating system. It is possible to have both iOS and android operating system on your iPhone by following certain steps.


Searching For Play Store Download App

  • Using the browser from your phone visit the webpage of openappmarket or search for the openappmarket using Google search.
  • Tap on the app to add it to your home screen
  • Open the app market icon on the home screen and look for the Google play store in the website of openappmarket.
  • When you find the icon of the play store, tap on it.  A pop window with install option will appear. Click on this option to install play store.
  • Now you can access all the apps from play store from your home screen.

To Get Play Store On iPhone You Can Use Jailbreak And Cydia

  1. Download jailbreaking option like Redsnow or Blackrain and do the jailbreaking of iPhone.
  2. Install bootlace in Cydia by launching Cydia from the home screen of your iPhone. Select the manage option and select sources. Tap edit and then add. Tap on the download to get bootlace installed.
  3. Now launch bootlace by restarting the phone if it’s not there already. Allow it to download and patch the kernel.
  4. Now tap on reboot to reboot the iPhone. Launch bootlace again and tap on Open iBoot option to download and install it.

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Download Play Store

Play store or Google play store, earlier known as Android market, is an online electronic store to provide digital applications for Android devices. The store is developed and maintained by Google. The users will be able to browse and download books, movies, music, TV programs and various applications published by Google from this online store.  You can get play store download free from different sites.

download play store

If you are trying to get play store download free, you need to first consider what type of operating system you have in your device. Most of the Smartphones have Google play store pre-installed in it. To check this, you can go to the settings in the phone or tablet and find the version of the operating system. If your system is on Android 2.3 or above, then it is possible to get Google play store download.

If you want to install Play Store download free, you need to install play store APK. There are sites which offer the latest version of APK for Google play store. You, either directly get the APK installed on your device or use your computer to install it.  Use the links provided in the sites to download or you can search for APK to your Android. Go to the security setting in the device to enable the “unknown sources”. Once you complete the download of APK, you can disable it to make your device safe.  Go to the “downloads” and start the APK, you will be Continue reading

Play Store Download Free

If you are looking for the best applications in the market to download on your Smartphones and tablets to satisfy your gaming needs or educational needs or weight loss goals, then there is no better store to visit than Google Play Store. If you have the latest version of Android devices, then there is every chance that it comes with pre-loaded Google Play Store download free app. There is nothing to worry about if your Smartphone or tablet does not have one. You can download it manually by following this simple procedure.

play store free download

Steps To Play Store download

  • Tap on the Settings menu of your device and scroll till you reach the Security option.
  • Tap on it to open the Security menu and then look for ‘Unknown Sources’ option.
  • Tap this box so that you will be able to allow the installation of apps from other sources.

Downloading Latest APK File To Access Play Store Free

All the popular Android apps are packaged as APK files and you should download the latest version Continue reading

Play Store Download for Tablet

The Google Play Store Download is one of the most popular resources on any Android device that gives you an option to explore millions of free and paid apps. But, there are a few Android devices that do not come with preloaded play store and you will need to download and install software to access Google Play Sore on such tablet.

play store for tablet download

Setting The Tablet For Play Store For Android Download

Go to the Settings option in your tablet. Scroll down to reach Security options and tap on it. Then locate unknown sources option and tap on it.
You need to tap on the verify apps option in the Security settings to give permission for the app to get downloaded on your PC with this link in your computer.
If you have a device that runs on earlier versions of Android than the 4.0 version, then tap on Settings, then check Applications and then tap on unknown sources. Click on the OK button when you get a popup alert to play store download for tablet.

Downloading The Play Store App

  1. You will now need to find the Android package file (APK). APK is the way Android apps are distributed and installed.
  2. You should make sure that you download APK files only from trusted companies and developers.

Process To Get Play Store Download App

  • It would be ideal that you download APK file on your tablet rather than getting it downloaded to your computer and then transferring it to your tablet via USB cable. If your tablet does not support Wi-Fi, then you will have to utilize the transfer from computer option.
  • Use your Android browser to download APK file.
  • Visit your app drawer and tap on downloads to find the file that you have just downloaded.
  • Open this file and install the Google Play Store app on your tablet.
  • Once installed, tap on the app to access the Play Store.

Play Store Download for Android

There are millions and millions of apps that you can get on your Android devices if you have the Google Play Store installed on your device. Some of these apps are free, whereas some are paid apps. You need a Google account to access the play store and this can be your existing Gmail account email address and password.

play store for android download

Play Store Free

All you need is to tap on the Play Store Download app on your home screen or check out the app drawer on your Android device.

You will be coming across a list of millions of apps that are segregated into various Continue reading