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ChromeBook is the new range of laptops that Google has introduced. At the time ChromeBook was introduced it was considered a novelty, not having the usual files, folders and programs that we are used to in a Mac or Windows based laptop. It was introduced as a simplified interface that focuses on a web browsing experience. With all apps and tools available on the cloud and the web browser being the main functional feature of such laptops, they are made for use with the internet.

Play Store for ChromeBook

ChromeBook is popular among students and casual users. With the growing dependence on the internet for most work and functions that people do on a laptop, launch of ChromeBook OS inbuilt laptops was a way of capturing a changing trend by Google. With laptops being priced affordably that work with ChromeBook OS, it has also become an ideal tool for students and those who simply need to browse the web, check emails and work mostly with an internet connection.

When you look at a ChromeBook OS inbuilt laptop you will find:

  • A simple interface that opens up.
  • Besides the web browser platform, there are apps that are provided by Google to help one manage most of their requirements.
  • You might not find the regular programs that are used for productivity or editing software that is common tools in any Windows or Mac based laptops.
  • These can be found through the web or the cloud based platform that Google provides. However the Chrome OS is not adaptable to Android apps if you thought it would be. In case you wish to use Android apps or access those through the Google Play Store there are certain steps you need to execute to get it done.

Google Play Store is a versatile marketplace for Android apps. It is the reliable platform where you will find a wide range of apps that perform different functions or provide you entertainment in different ways. From eBooks to videos, games and useful software, there is a host of apps that are available on Google Play Store. Most people prefer to have a Google Play Store as it is a reliable platform to source Android apps that are rated and reviewed from before.

download play store for ChromeBook free

If you own a ChromeBook you need to have the right version of the OS which can support and run the Google Play store on such a device. Here are the steps you need to follow to have the Google Play Store on ChromeBook:

  • ChromeBook in the older versions does not support Google Play Store.
  • You need to have Chrome OS of version 53 and higher to be able to support Google Play store and other Android apps.
  • In order to run Android apps like Google Play Store on ChromeBook you need to update your ChromeBook version. If the required version is already running, then you can proceed to the next step.
  • Log onto your web browser and ensure that you have a working internet connection.
  • Sign into your account on Google Play Store. In case you do not have an account with Google Play Store you need to create an account either through the web browser or the Android based tablet or smart phone you own.
  • Once you are signed into Google Play Store find the Settings tab.
  • Here you will find an option to enable Play Store for ChromeBook.
  • You will get a prompt command to get started. The next step is to agree to the terms of service that appear. Once you confirm and show your agreement you need to accept to proceed installing the app on your ChromeBook OS.

When you have access to Google Play on ChromeBook, a world of possibilities opens up for you, most people are familiar with the apps that are available on Google Play Store. What’s more, there are several popular apps that are easy to download through Google Play. For instance, the app you use to book movie tickets or plan your holiday bookings would be available through Play Store. However, at the time of accessing the apps through the Play store marketplace, you need to check for compatibility with Chrome Book. Not all Android apps work on ChromeBook. You need to find the right version of an app that is compatible with ChromeBook. If that is not available then you cannot use the app on ChromeBook. Hence, every time you wish to download an Android app for use on ChromeBook you need to ensure compatibility of the app. This is usually mentioned when you look at the details of an app before downloading. Alternately, you could also search for apps that are compatible with ChromeBook and the version you are using.

With Android apps or Google Play Store on your ChromeBook you will surely have more possibilities to explore.

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