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Ubuntu has been creating waves since its introduction. Being a versatile and open source operating system, it is one step ahead of what Google invented with Android. Ubuntu offers an open source operating system that can work with laptops and mobile devices simultaneously. The term is an interesting one as it is derived from the South African word that stands for humanity and compassion.


Hence, the software works towards eliminating discrepancies that exist between different devices and hinders flow of data and connectivity. With Ubuntu as an independent operating system that operates from a cloud, one can create an environment of seamless connectivity and smooth operations of apps on different devices.

Features of this operating system software are numerous such as:

  • It can be used to run enterprise wide systems that can support school systems or office environment.
  • Essential applications like productivity software, email, media apps, and browsers can run on this operating system which also come pre installed.
  • The software central loads several applications and games from before in this versatile software suite.
  • It is software that is free to download, share, and use. With voluntary developers the open source platform is offered to anyone who wishes to use it.
  • There are inbuilt virus protection and firewall features. It is a secure operating system to use.

With the above features this open source operating system promises endless possibilities to all who need not spend to get an operating system for their computer. It can work on touch screens, desktops and laptops. The resolutions are great even on high resolution screens and on touch screen interfaces. The software is offered by Canonical, which is a global software firm that acts as the primary service provider. While the software is free for installation and use, the company offers additional training and support features to businesses for a fee that goes towards sustaining the continued development work on this platform.

Google Play Store is one of the largest marketplaces for Android users. Those who own Android based mobile devices can download and install different apps through this virtual marketplace. With the popularity of the apps that are available on Google Play Store, many emulator programs exist that can create a virtual environment on PCs to allow Android apps to run. Hence, if you own an Ubuntu powered PC you will want to know how to get Google Play Store on such a platform.

play store for ubuntu

If you wish to download Google Play Store on Ubuntu, you need to own a certain version of the software. As of now Ubuntu 14.04 and higher versions can support this Android application. There is a dependency patch you need to have for the Ubuntu platform before you can proceed to download Google Play Store on your device.

The steps to follow are mentioned below:

  • Find the Google Play Downloader, the deb package, version 1.4 to download onto your Ubuntu machine.
  • When you have downloaded the package you can install it by double clicking on the file or follow the command line. You can launch the Ubuntu terminal by the keys Ctrl + Alt + T.
  • When you have successfully installed the Google Play Downloader you can launch it by looking up Unbuntu Dash.
  • The interface is simple and will allow you to search for apps on the Google Play store. Even if the interface is different from what you are used to on your mobile phone the apps that you can access are the same as what you will find on your smart phone or tablet.

Once the Google Play Store is launched on your Ubuntu machine you will find everything pre configured. You will be able to access your Google account login features and search for apps as you would do with your mobile devices. The interface which opens up to display the apps you search for being different from Ubuntu. However, you will easily find your favorite apps on this interface. You can then click to download the app of your choice and choose a destination folder where you wish to save the file. The file will then be downloaded and available for use in the specified folder.

Ubuntu offers a versatile platform for running different apps and programs. With Android apps running on your Ubuntu machine you can do so much more on this platform. You need not stay hindered from using these programs on this versatile platform. With the secure environment that Ubuntu offers, you can use the apps of your choice on the machine as well as on other devices that run on Ubuntu. With Google Play Store available on Ubuntu PC you can enjoy the use of your favorite apps anytime you wish to access them. As most people download many functional apps through this marketplace, it definitely enhances the usage of your Ubuntu machine as well.

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