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Most of us find the apps that we need in Google Play Store. It is a versatile marketplace that offers Android apps for download. With Android OS is the popular operating system that fires most smart phones and tablets, there is little surprise that Android apps are the most sought after apps across the world. Google Play Store has been the first marketplace formed by Google that offered Android apps developed by Google and other developers across the world. The Android OS is an open source platform that allows apps to be developed by developers of different firms and even as individuals. They can then post these apps for download and usage, either free of cost or as paid apps.

youwave download for play store

Google Play Store forms the platform where all such apps can be posted and made available to the user. Though other Android app based marketplaces do exist, Play Store has gained a reputation in the market for the following reasons:

  • Every developer who uploads apps through this platform need to get their works verified by Google.
  • Only when apps are certified and tested to be legitimate are they released or made available for download.
  • Google Play allows users to try apps and post reviews about them so that future users know what to expect from an app.

Hence, if you wish to have a reliable platform where most Android apps are easily found, Play Store is the right option. However, this play store is an Android app by itself. Hence, without an Android OS you cannot download the use the same. This is particularly an obstacle when you wish to use it on a Windows based laptop or computer.

That is when software like YouWave comes into the picture. It is an emulator program that creates the right environment for Android apps to run on a computer or laptop which has a different OS. Before there were other options like BlueStack, today YouWave brings in ease of an emulator program that runs easily on your laptop or computer. The features of YouWave are as follows:

  • YouWave allows one to run Android apps on their Windows PC.
  • It helps create a virtual environment akin to Android OS on your PC.
  • You can find free version of the software available for download on popular forums.
  • If you wish to use YouWave for an extended period of time or the full version, you need to opt for the paid subscription software.

There are several benefits that make users happy with YouWave. For instance, if you depend on Android apps for different functions, you need not be restricted to accessing them on your smart phone or tablet. YouWave helps you get all your Android apps on your computer that makes it easier to access and use them from time to time. The developer company offers secure payment options for the software. It is also possible to open and use Windows files and folders on YouWave.

play store for youwave

Once you have YouWave on your PC, you are ready to install Google Play store on this platform. You need to follow the steps as mentioned below:

  • Open YouWave and search for Google Play Store app with a working internet connection.
  • When you find the app, click on the installation after agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  • Once the installation is completed, you can proceed to use the app.
  • It is essential to open an account on Google Play Store if you wish to use the app.
  • For those who already have an account with Google Play Store, they can log into the same account.
  • Once the account is accessed, you can download the apps of your choice through Google Play Store.
  • The apps you download through Google Play Store will work only on YouWave. Hence, if you wish to run Android apps on your PC, YouWave needs to be open on your OS first.

With Android apps working for your PC, your choices in functional apps as well as entertainment options expand considerably. Many apps are favorite for several users on their Android phones and they would love to run them on their PC as well. This expands the usage of the apps as well. With a versatile platform like YouWave you can have the perfect setup for running Android apps for your PC. That allows you to play your favorite games, use functional or productivity apps, run apps that allow you to book for takeaway, movies, order a service for your home and so much more. As our world has become dependent on apps in different ways, it helps to be able to emulate the android environment on your PC. This also helps to save battery power of your mobile devices and allows you access to the apps through the PC as well. YouWave has good reviews and testimonials from other users.

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